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Web Design

Bold Images. Pops of Color. Dynamic Type. These are hallmarks of good design, but great websites don’t just look good, they function well.

We believe everything on the page is in service of the user experience.

Featured Projects

A sampling of websites designed by Merry Alderman Design

EPIC | Michigan State University

EPIC is a research center devoted to the idea that rigorous evidence can improve education policy, and, ultimately, students’ lives. Using cutting-edge methods, EPIC creates actionable research to aid the implementation of new policy. 

None of that was making an impact with an out-of-date logo and a lack-luster web-presence.

DC WISE | Empowering Women

DC Wise came to us looking for a new website, but their logo was woefully out of date.  We worked together to quickly rebrand the organization with a new logo (and website) that better demonstrated the powerful work they were doing.  

5e | Strategic communications

5e is a nimble communications, marketing and branding firm that blends what you do, what your audience thinks and what we know into ideas and experiences that make a difference.

Merry Alderman Design created a logo, website and overall look for our frequent collaborator and in-house strategy and communications guru.

Ashley Moss Pediatrics

Some of our favorite clients are our smallest clients. We worked closely with Dr. Moss as she grew her individual pediatric practice from the ground up. We create a suite of materials for the young business, most important of which was how to make her first impression with her website.  

Matt & Heather | DC Realtors

Merry Alderman Design has been working with Matt McHugh and Heather Davenport for over 10 years. Their first website was one of the first we ever designed in 2005 – and we we thrilled they trusted us to redesign their new one.