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Featured Projects

A sampling of brand identity projects created by Merry Alderman Design

EPIC | Michigan State University

EPIC is a research center devoted to the idea that rigorous evidence can improve education policy, and, ultimately, students’ lives. Using cutting-edge methods, they create actionable research to create and implement new policy. 

None of that was making an impact with an out-of-date logo and a lack-luster web-presence.

DC WISE | Empowering Women

DC Wise came to us looking for a new website, but thier logo was woefully out of date.  We worked together to quickly rebrand the organization with a new logo (and website) that better demonstrated the powerful work they were doing.  

5e | Strategic communications

5e is a nimble communications, marketing and branding firm that blends what you do, what your audience thinks and what we know into ideas and experiences that make a difference.

Merry Alderman Design create a logo, website and overall look for our frequent collaborator and in-house strategy and communications guru.

Sustainable Futures | Charter School

The Sustainable Futures Public Charter School was looking for a logo, brand and identity that clearly articulated who they are, what type of school they were building and why their model works for at-risk students.  Those ambitions directed our creative process as we developed a full brand around the school in its founding years.