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Logo Design

A good logo is simple, recognizable, versatile and timeless. It is the launching pad for an exceptional brand. A great logo stimulates the imagination and creates an instant connection.

We can help you with that.

Featured Projects

A sampling of logos designed by Merry Alderman Design

YWCA | Week Without Violence

YWCA has been a client for many years. When they came to us to design a new logo for one of their core programs, we were happy to dig into the project.

TRUTH Public Charter School

The Sojourner Truth Montessori Public Charter School was looking for a logo that clearly articulated who they are, what type of school they were building, and why their model works for families. Those ambitions, combined with a mouthful of a name, directed our creative process as we winnowed the choices down to a precise and clean logo. 

DC WISE | Empowering Women

DC Wise came to us looking for a new website, but their logo was woefully out of date. After initial meetings where the women of DC Wise shared their story with us, Merry worked quickly to synthesize their purpose and their brand promise, creating a new logo and website that better demonstrated the powerful work they were doing.  

LCPF | Letter Carriers PAC

The National Association of Letter Carriers hired us to design a logo for their political action committee.  The logo had to have broad appeal to letter carriers of all ages and backgrounds.