St. Christopher’s Magazine

by Sep 5, 2017

The St. Christopher’s School Magazine just hit my mailbox – and it looks fantastic.  Had to work extremely quickly on this magazine redesign last spring, but it turned out beautifully.  St. Christopher’s is an all-boys private school in Richmond, VA and they needed a facelift to their bi-annual magazine.  The magazine goes out to over 7500 parents, prospective parents and alumni of the school.

The old version of the magazine was over-sized, glossy, thick and felt like an old-fashioned phone book hitting your mailbox when it arrived.  The organization of the magazine was a mess with no departments to speak of.  Each edition of the magazine was a hodge-podge of events and  photos.  To be frank, it was a mess.

I worked with the school’s editor and journalism teacher to create a newly streamlined, easy to read magazine.  We picked new paper, a new size and format and created a series of departments that will recur in every edition. We start work on the second edition in November and I can’t wait to continue to refine and redefine the magazine.