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We remember 80% of what we see, yet only 20% of what we read. Visual content has a power that is hard to ignore. And that’s why an infographic is such a valuable piece of content. Not only is it one of most engaging ways to tell your story, but businesses who market with infographics actually gain more traffic than those who don’t. Let Merry Alderman Design create an infographic for your company.

YWCA Roadmap

Step-by-step guide for regional YWCA’s to complete full mission impact.

YWCA Roadmap

CLIENT: FutureEd, Georgetown University
Created for FutureED, a think tank based out of Georgetown University to promote paper on the progress DC public schools have made in recent years.

For Profit Colleges Infographic

CLIENT: Community College Research Center
Click through to see 3 interactive infographics designed for research group based out of Teacher’s College in New York City.

CLIENT: National Counsel on Teacher Quality
This infographic was part of a report on teacher compensation.  NCTQ used the infographic to promote the longer paper.


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