Pediatric Practice Logo & Website

CLIENT:  Ashley Moss Pediatrics

Merry Alderman Design worked closely with a great pediatrician launching a new practice in Washington DC and Maryland.  The unique thing about this medical practice isn’t just that she is a solo practitioner rather than a big group of doctors, she also provides comprehensive care for children at home.  That’s right, house calls.

Dr. Moss isn’t alone out there.  There are many doctors who are moving away from the typical practice model to get back to a house-call model so that they can focus more on patients and less on insurance forms and office overhead. What was different about Dr. Moss was that she didn’t want to settle for a poorly designed website that was cluttered or overly promotional.  We worked together to create a modern, clean and clear logo and site that really spoke to her personal style and the style of the practice.  Simple and Patient-focused.

Check out the site here.