About Merry Alderman Design

by | Jan 1, 2009 | Uncategorized

Merry Alderman Design specializes in clean, dynamic graphic design for the printed page and the digital world. With a unique background in the non-profit sector, Merry Alderman brings fresh perspective, wit and intelligence to all of her work as a designer.  Able to work quickly under pressure, Merry manages multiple projects on different time-lines expertly while still bringing imaginative skill to the work and creating high-quality results.  She consistently finds ways to take projects to the next level, always thinking about both form and function to create designs that are visually stunning as well as effective marketing products.

Merry Alderman is a freelance graphic designer working in Washington, DC. She started in graphic design after another career as a casting director, working in NYC, LA and finally as the Casting Director for the Shakespeare Theatre in DC. Merry made the jump to design by starting school at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts / Boston University in September 2010 and has been working ever since.